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Joel Daniels

Joel Daniels

Originally from Australia, Joel Daniels has been living in Tokyo since 2014. He started his journey creating porn late 2018, and has really enjoyed the process alongside writing his PhD thesis. He has since worked with several adult content creators in the Tokyo scene. Outside video content, Joel loves to model for aspiring and established artists either in person, over cam, or through the use of reference photos. Shy and introverted, getting naked in front of the camera for erotic photos and sex gives Joel the confidence to let his inner exhibitionist shine.

Joel is totally versatile and loves spontaneous, messy sex. For him, sex is about connecting with all five senses at once, each competing for attention at any given moment. Being naked in nature (on his knees) is his happy place. Relative newcomer to fisting, Joel has experienced a lot of pleasure in finding out the unique ways each individual enjoys getting opened up. He is also training his own hole to receive bigger toys and fists. Joel believes that fisting is an incredibly intimate experience and is looking forward to working with people of any gender and any sexuality, blurring the lines between “straight” and “gay” porn. Working with Axel Abysse has inspired Joel to dig deeper, try new things. and get even messier.

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