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Cory Jay

Cory Jay

Cory is a porn legend. He was one of the first exclusive models for Hot House Plain Wrapped series, now Club Inferno, at the time that Hot House was the only studio doing fisting films in America. Discovering fisting, he says, was the first time he felt he fit in sexually. He became very well known in the fisting community, because no one looked like him and did the filthy things he did.

Corey got into adult films by being nurtured by Steven from Hothouse, as he felt more comfortable, he did more on camera. However, he has always considered himself a bartender and never a porn star. He stopped doing films in the late 90's and then picked it back up for a bit in 2007. Nowadays, he only does a film when an opportunity comes up with someone he really wants to play with, someone who he jacks off too all the time. And that's how he met Axel.

Beside his passion for fisting, Cory is an animal lover and found of mid-century design.

Photo credit : Dusti Cunningham
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